Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Ireland (2024)

Looking for a reliable digital marketing agency in Ireland without having to search through many websites on Google? We understand the struggle.

We created a list of the best digital marketing agencies in Ireland. This list is designed to assist businesses in finding the perfect agency. Our goal is to make the search process easier for all types of businesses.


The digital marketing industry is highly competitive, with agencies promising guaranteed results to win your business. However, it’s essential not to fall for empty promises. Whether you’re a small business or a well-known brand, you deserve a genuine digital marketing expert.

Let’s delve into the top digital marketing agencies in performance, website development, B2B, eCommerce, small business, and enterprise. We’ve covered it all!

What Makes a Top Digital Marketing Agency?

Here’s what to look for when hiring a digital marketing agency:

Proven Track Record:

An agency that claims it can deliver results is different from one that has consistently delivered results for its clients. Look for agencies that have won industry-recognized awards, judged by experts with deep industry experience.


Many digital marketing agencies cover various verticals, but finding one with experience in your specific industry can be beneficial.


Not all digital marketing agencies offer every service. It’s often better to work with an agency that specializes in the area you're looking to improve.

Realistic Promises:

Be cautious and do your due diligence. While incredible results can be achieved, recognize when a promise seems too good to be true. Ask the agency how they plan to deliver the promised results and what tools and strategies they will use.

Reliable Data and Effective Reporting:

A good digital marketing agency will work closely with you, reporting their progress and providing data to ensure measurable results. If they're falling short, understand what adjustments they will make. If they're succeeding, learn what worked well and see if you can apply it to other areas of your business.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s explore the best digital marketing agencies you can work with in Ireland.

Top Results-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

1. HOT IRON Digital

Known for their expertise and consistent delivery of exceptional results, HOT IRON Digital is a leading agency in Ireland.

We’re recognized as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Ireland today, particularly in Social, Paid, Creative, and Influencer marketing.

While some may call us biased, we back it up with the results we’ve driven and the industry awards we’ve won, which include:

Certain social media tools—including Facebook Page Insights and Instagram Insights—also provide brands with a deep dive into their existing audience. You’re able to see information about your followers, such as:

Best Large Social Agency

Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign
Best Use of Facebook & Instagram Ads
Best Direct Response Campaign

Our clients include Fine Grain Property, FIT, Tech Ascent, The Plant Collector, Mannings Bakery, and Women Choose Tech among many others.

At HOT IRON Digital, we excel in serving consumer-facing brands, helping them drive growth and increased profitability with our services, which include:


We help build cult-like social media communities, managing your content strategy, channels, content creation, community, and more.


We produce social-first creatives (always-on and campaign) that entertain and engage your audience (TikTok, Reels). Our team handles everything from UGC to high-production, graphic design, AR, and motion.


As performance-driven marketers, we excel in Paid marketing. Our team manages your Paid Social and Paid Search to increase your return on ad spend and brand awareness.


We manage influencer and creator campaigns to amplify your brand.

Other stats about us:

Team size of 60+ and growing

Experts in each specialism of Social, Paid, Creative, and Influencer

The digital marketing agency behind your favourite brands

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Top B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

2. Bold Craft Marketing

Founded in 2017, Bold Craft Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Ireland. Skilled in assessing digital markets and crafting winning strategies and communications for global markets, including Europe, the USA, and Australia, Bold Craft Marketing utilizes the latest industry technology to analyze, track, and monitor market trends. This approach helps identify critical insights and the optimal digital marketing mix to energize every campaign and drive digital growth.

3. The Digital Projects

The Digital Projects partners with industry leaders to deliver superior SEO strategies that boost your website’s visibility, generate leads, and increase sales in Dublin’s competitive market. Our transparent project management keeps you informed with clear communication and measurable results. Trust our certified SEO experts to optimize your online presence with effective tactics and comprehensive services tailored to drive digital marketing success.

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