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Our Customer Acquisition Formula Helps You..

Acquire more & better customers, not just traffic.

The main goal of any online business is to get the most out of their marketing budget and convert site traffic to paying customers. That is why we created the Customer Acquisition Formula to stack the deck in your favour & to make sure these goals are met everytime.

After 5 years and €000’s per year in managed ad spend, we’ve learned that our job isn’t just to get you the click. Our job is to maximize your budget and get you as many ideal-fit customers as possible, on as many channels as possible, no matter what changes come in the marketplace.

Platforms evolve quickly, and short-term “hacks” won’t cut it if you want to stick around long-term. You need a robust and multi-funnel strategy that aligns your traffic with your back-end to acquire customers after the click. At HOT IRON Digital, our holistic customer-getting methodology is called the Customer Acquisition Formula or CAF for short.

Our Customer Acquisition Formula is made up of 4 key elements:

Conversion Rate Optimisation-Funnel Architecture

Conversion Funnel Architecture is HOT IRON's amplified version of Conversion Rate Optimization. We take into account way more than just your Landing Page’s Conversion Rates and, instead, our Conversion Architects redesign the entire conversion path on your landing pages and funnels for optimum conversion & volume.

Scaling Revenue with Active Account Management

Scaling online revenue is a continuous process of optimization, week in and week out. Our active management of traffic channels facilitate the accelerated growth of your online revenue at pre-defined Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) targets by staying ahead of the competition & market changes. While continually striving for better performing campaigns by introducing new campaigns to test to outperform existing campaigns.

Paid Traffic & Remarketing

A key marketing objective for online businesses is to deliver a high return on their marketing investment. Paid traffic is the most cost efficient and trackable marketing there is as results are measurable and transparent while offering maximum control of investment & growth levels in the business. The key is finding the right paid channels to suit your business and target audience. While ensuring the Ad Spend is not wasted with one-off sale as the key to long-term growth is increase customer Life Time Value through remarketing and other supportive marketing channels like email or social communities.

Customer Behaviour Analytics

A cornerstone to more & better customers is having an effective site or funnel. Getting the right audience traffic to convert is central to a successful funnel. Analyzing and reacting to Customer Behaviour on your site is the true gauge of funnel effectiveness, it's the true test of your offering if good then great for you, if not then this is most critical element to be addressed before piling on more traffic into your funnel. Our Customer Behaviour Analysis process tests and identifies key elements affecting your funnel conversion rates to maximize effectiveness.

Brands who've scaled with HOT IRON

HOT IRON  has been helping  SME’s  acquire more customers on cold traffic since 2017.

Our 3 proven steps to boost marketing performance

You get proven and long-term strategies, NOT hacks.

Step 1. Digital Marketing Audit

We’ll do a quick audit of your current digital marketing footprint to get align ourselves with your online business. We can do a mini-external audit or a full-internal audit (requires access to your Google Analytics and Digital Profiles)

Step 2. Recommendation

The digital marketing audit will highlight all the good things you are doing while also identifying gaps in your marketing that normally equate to revenue growth opportunities. We also include strategies on how you can maximize on these opportunities to increase profitable revenue growth.

Step 3. Execution

Our team of specialists will help you implement your the recommended strategies and complete a full Strategic Account Plan to scale up your online revenue in line with your business objectives.

The proactive ad management & results were like no one else, we increased enquires by 470%
Helen O'Rielly-Commercial Director

Clients Success Stories


Active Management of Mannings digital ads stack covering full funnel management of e-commerce sales platform that included funnel automation and optimisation including analytics and the scaling Google & Facebook Ad channel revenues to all-time highs in a far more competitive market.   


Active management of (Fastrack into Information Technology) social media advertising campaigns utilising Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Advertising platforms. Key objective was to promote Tech Apprenticeships and recruit  enthusiastic people interested in switching career path into a tech career.